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Join Fountation’s Personal Resilience Pathway to develop confidence in your priorities and satisfaction with your life against the tide of modern society’s distractions.  

Fountation combines a highly interactive, science-based learning app with a community of diverse, open-minded people all striving to master the fundamental skills to think smarter, decide better and live more wisely.

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About Personal Resilience Pathway

Modern life can seem unmanageable, but maybe we’re looking at it all wrong…

Think something is fundamentally wrong with your life? Feel thrown into unfavourable circumstances? Regretful of past decisions, both taken and not?

Modern society has empowered individuals to master their own fate, yet with possibilities come options, and with options responsibility and doubt.

These symptoms of modern life can seem relentless, but Fountation’s Personal Resilience pathway gives you the practical skills to develop a more coherent and content life.

Now’s the time to become a master of your mind.

Fountation’s Personal Resilience Pathway is an interactive online course designed for everyone that wants to address this personal responsibility head-on and make decisions in harmony with their own goals and preferences. 

Far from a natural trait of the gifted, or a product of devastating defeats and personal losses, personal resilience can be gained through insight and practice. 

Train yourself to remain calm and carry on.

Among other techniques, by the end of the course you’ll master:


When everything seems equally important, you’ll have trouble reconciling conflicting aims. Learn how to establish a ‘hierarchy of goals’ and identify trade-offs that you’re comfortable with, reducing stress, anxiety, and regret in the process.

Negative Visualization

Appreciation for what you have comes through reflection on its potential loss. You’ll learn how to distinguish between things of true value and distractions by forming the habit of small thought experiments.


When your emotions run high and you feel unsettled, it’s hard to change perspective. Learning to observe rather than being absorbed by your emotions becomes an indispensable tool and we’ll show you how.

The Fountation learning experience

Our unique and innovative approach to teaching online was developed to ensure that you learn the fundamental skills we teach in an efficient, effective and science-based way, that you are able to apply these skills to your own life, and that they stick with you for good.


Interactive, story-based learning

No more endless, boring lectures! Fountation fully engages you in the learning experience with interactive cases to practice your new skills in a safe, simulated environment. Continuous quizzing and smart feedback ensure you’re progressing as effectively as possible. And you won’t notice the time spent, only the improvements. Make every minute matter with Fountation.


Peer-to-peer learning community

Join a community of diverse, driven, open-minded learners. We’ll connect you with other peers interested in mastering the same fundamental skills as you to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. Deepen your understanding by solving exercises and discussing your newly acquired knowledge in small groups. After all, learning isn’t only a solo act.

Real-world challenges

Learning is nothing without practice and we won’t have you learn to swim without getting in the water. By regularly providing you with small challenges to apply what you have learned to your own situation, Fountation’s unique focus on real-world application ensures that your new skills find their place to improve your everyday life—and fast!


Grounded in learning science

We’re proudly powered by evidence-based science and the latest discoveries in neuroscience. So, while formal education/online learning providers stick to ineffective techniques despite poor results (and crushing boredom), Fountation emphasizes active learning, leveraging insights from learning science to optimize for long-term retention and applicability. Every moment you spend is another you won’t forget.


Curated curriculum

The best knowledge is also the most dispersed, scattered through libraries and speeches, books and blogs, the internet and, well, everywhere. Fountation’s experts collect and curate the most valuable content across high impact skills, so you can forget the search and focus instead on the learning. Want to delve further into the theoretical background? Or just want to master the basics? The choice is yours with Fountation.

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